My SDN presentations


Last week I had two presentations and one ask the experts at SDN. If you are in the Netherlands, SDN is a great event to visit!

What you may have missed in C#

C# 6 is coming with a bunch of new features that are pretty exciting. However, have you already mastered all the previous versions of C#? In this session you will take a swift tour across all versions of C# first, making sure that you’re up to date on everything, followed by an in-depth focus on the new features of C# 6. Finally you will learn how Roslyn, the new C# compiler, will change your live as a C# developer.


Getting some Insight with Application Insight

Do you know what your customers are doing? Can you respond quickly to incidents? Do you know the favorite features of your customer? This session will show you how to get insight into these things and more. You will learn how to use Application Insight to monitor your web, native and desktop applications. Through code examples and real world scenarios you will see what Application Insights can offer you and how you can start using it right away.


Ask the experts

At the end of the day Hassan Fadili (my friend and fellow ALM enthusiast) had an hour of Ask The Experts. We had some interesting discussions ranging from PowerShell Desired State Configuration and Release Management to build server optimizations.
All in all, it was a great day!

If you are interested in having a .NET or ALM session at your company, send me a mail or leave a comment!