What do you want to know about ALM?


Have you ever visited an Ask The Experts event? For those of you who haven’t, ATE are session held at events where you can connect to experts in certain areas and ask the question you want.

For example, at a recent event I spoke at I also did an ATE session. People could just walk in and ask questions. I received questions about optimizing build performance, choosing a branching strategy and the idea behind Release Management and Continuous Deployment just to name a couple.

I did this event together with Hassan Fadili and after that we discussed if it would benefit the community to run ATE sessions online as a webinar.

ATE with the ALM Rangers and MVPs

So we want your feedback. Do you think it’s valuable to have online ATE events around ALM, DevOps and Agile?

We think the best way to find out is to just get started.

If you have any questions around ALM please leave them as a comment on this post. We will collect all questions and then schedule  an online Webinar where Hassan and I and other experts will answer your questions.

One important thing to understand is that we can’t discuss anything that’s under NDA. So questions like when is feature x going to be released? When is the next version of TFS or Visual Studio coming? are not going to be answered.

If there is enough response, we would love to host these sessions once a month for about 30 minutes each time.

So now it’s up to you. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them as a comment. When the questions start to come in we will schedule our first webinar and invite you all to join.